What can you complain about?

You can complain about the conduct of any employee of SAPOL.

When can I complain?

You can complain at any time. However the Office of the Police Ombudsman has the power to refuse to investigate complaints that are made more than 6 months after the complainant or person on whose behalf the complaint was made became aware of the conduct complained of. It is recommended that you lodge your complaint as soon as possible after you become aware of the alleged misconduct.

Can I complain about traffic or speeding fines?

The Office of the Police Ombudsman is unable to revoke or review the merits of an Expiation Notices issued for a traffic/speed infringement. Fact sheet about expiation notices


If you wish to dispute the content or issuing of the Expiation Notice, you should contact the Expiation Notice Branch of SAPOL at the following website:

About expiation notices   – link to www.police.sa.gov.au